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 big papi's interview

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big papi


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PostSubject: big papi's interview   Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:14 am

*Big papi comes through the door and there standing is Diana*

Diana: "Well hello big papi I was wondering if you had time to do alittle interview with me ?"

Big papi: "Well hello......sure I'll answer any of your questions whats on your mind ?"

*diana blushes*

Diana: "Well first congratulations on you debut match here at XXEW ."

Big papi: "Thanks it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Big Luy put up a good fight and I was happy to come out victorious."

Diana: "We are all wondering are you going to be happy here at XXEW ?"

Big papi: "I believe I will . I had a tough road before I got here . I've been everywhere did alot of backyard wrestling hardcore wrestling curcuit wrestling so I have been around and I'm glad I have a place I can call home. The crowd was alittle tough for me but it will work out ."

Diana: "Yeah this is something new and it will take awhile to get use too . Did you watch the other lightweight match between El Primero and R Zeta ?"

Big papi: "Yes I did and it was a good match too . El Primero won the match and it looks like I will face him at the pay per view ."

Diana: "Do you have any thoughts about that match ?"

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El Primero


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PostSubject: Re: big papi's interview   Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:29 pm

Suddenly, El Primero bursts in and interrupts the interview.

El Primero: What is there to think about. The only thoughts Big Papi should be having is how is he going to recover from the beat down he is going to receive.

Diana looks confused on who to continue her interview with. She just asks the next question to see who will answer first.

Diana: Uh... So what do you think are your advantages going into the match?

El Primero: Everything. I'm stronger, faster, a better technician, more heart, and conditioned than him. I'm better than him in every aspect. There's no chance for him to beat me. They might as well hand me the title now and crown me champion.

Big Papi now looks on with a face of frustration.

El Primero: If you ask me, this is just going to be another sparring session.

Diana: There's a lot of confidence coming from you. Can I ask why?

El Primero: Listen, I've wrestled with the best of the best. Coming from the most elite federations in the world, I know what true competition is and this guy doesn't even make the list.

Continue this Big Papi
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big papi


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PostSubject: Re: big papi's interview   Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:57 pm

*El Primero walks off like nothing just happened.*

Diana: "Well that was interesting. What do you think about that Big Papi?"

Big Papi: "That was something else. He has one big ego and the way he talks looks like I have my work cut out for me."

Diana: "Well it looks like you both have some experiance and I guess we will just have to wait and see who will be victorious."

Big Papi: "Yes we will looks like I better hit the training grounds."

Diana: "Before you go I have one last thing."

Big Papi: "Whats that Diana?"

Diana: "The custom chopper of yours. I love it when will you give me a ride on that awesome bike?"

Big Papi: "Don't know maybe soon."

*Big Papi walks off, and leaves Diana left blushing.*

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PostSubject: Re: big papi's interview   

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big papi's interview
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