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 Into the GM's office i goooooo

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PostSubject: Into the GM's office i goooooo   Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:21 am

The Gecko is in the GM's Office wearing a white t-shirt and in black lettering it says " Got Juiced?"

MG:" Listen bub, I know ya are upset that , well, ya know , Cena7 and I almost pullout the upset win vs you and the Anabolic Animal last week."

MG:" But c'mon, to make him the number one contender to the title? Shhesh , if it werent for all that junk running thru his veins , he'd be pidding around in World Prison Wrestling or some other PWL league."

MG: "Didnt ya feel a diffenrence when he was taggin ya in? I saw ya shakin yer hand to get the feeling back into it."

MG:" Well, heres one thing , ya might have given him a shot at the belt. But if he wins , I want a drug test!"

MG :" And I dont mean me, maybe you for matcing the silly match.."

The Gecko starts to leave the office , he turns..

MG: Mark my words Boss, one of these days , he'll get busted for what he's on.."
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Into the GM's office i goooooo
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