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 Robbie being his annoying self again ... victim: El Hormiga Loco

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El Hormiga Loco

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PostSubject: Robbie being his annoying self again ... victim: El Hormiga Loco   Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:45 am

*The camera catches El Hormiga Loco arriving at the XXEW dome, taking his stuff out of his car and going towards the entrance ...*
*... as suddenly a familiar annoying voice starts haunting him*

Robbie: Hormiga Hormiga ... A few seconds for an interview ...

Hormiga: Come oooooon ... you gotta be kidding I just arrived here!!! Give me some air please!!

Robbie: Please, a few words Hormiga ... Demo has demanded a rematch for the X-RW World Championship ... what are your thoughts about that?

Hormiga: Thoughts? It doesn't matter what I think about this. The only thing I don't have to think about is that this title ... came home again!!

Robbie: That was last pay per view. But Demo is determined to get it back though! He wants that rematch ... And preferably TONIGHT!!

Hormiga: Tonight? Hahaha ... Ain't gonna happen ... Let him dream. I have the right to refuse a titlematch the first show of the new season ... So why would I bother?

Robbie: So you are worried to lose it again?

Hormiga: Get out of my face, you annoying little runt!! I just said NO TITLE MATCH TONIGHT!! The rest doesn't matter at all ... Now let me be so I can get ready for tonights show ...
*El Hormiga Loco shoves Robbie aside and enters the building*
Robbie: As you all just witnessed, El Hormiga Loco isn't that self assured he will be able to retain his title whenever he and Demo collide again!

Robbie: This was Robbie ... Back to you guys at ringside

Spanky: Jesus, give the guy a break man!!

JT: No rest for the wicked, you know that Spanky.

Ozzy: How weak of El Hormiga, refusing the title match tonight!! He should be forced to do so!!

Spanky: How would you know, he HAS the right so he DOES NOT have to defend the gold! And that's final!!

Ozzy: I bet Demo will not be too happy about that. He was hoping for another shot tonight!!

JT: Well, he'd better pull out that tooth then ... You heard El Hormiga.

Ozzy: We all did and are all sick about it. But mark my words, if Demo wants something, he can be very persuasive!!


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Robbie being his annoying self again ... victim: El Hormiga Loco
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