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 Sleeping bear

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Little Twinny


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PostSubject: Sleeping bear   Mon Mar 04, 2013 3:36 am

/*Little Twinny makes his way to the ring*/

LT: Do you know how is good to sleep long time? Yeah? It's amazing that you don't have to go hunt early in the morning...

/*Peoples don't know what Little Twinny want to say*/

LT: Today i was sleeping under the sky and i has been brutally woke up by some noise - that was HE!...

/*On titan tron shows up Juggallo with vuvuzele*/

LT: Now it's time to sleep... for him! I want a challenge against Juggallo - that should be LAST MAN STANDING match. Now sorry peoples but i need a rest...

/*Little Twinny drops microphone and get under ring to fall asleep*/
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Sleeping bear
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