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 did you hear ?

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big papi


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PostSubject: did you hear ?   Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:29 am

*Big Papi walks through the back door and sees Diana walking off in the distance.*

Big Papi: "Heah Diana, wait up."

*Diana stops and turns around and Big Papi walks up to her.*

Diana: "Hello Big Papi."

Big Papi: "Hello, I was just wondering why you have been ignoring me ?

Diana: "Yeah just had to lay back after all the rumors going around."

Big Papi: "Yeah I understand."

Diana: "But I did enjoy the motorcycle ride. To bad people just took it the wrong way."

Big Papi: "I know right.. They will get over it."

Diana: "Heah did you hear that El Primero was looking for you ?"

Big Papi: "No I haven't I just got here running alittle late."

Diana: "Yeah he went storming around the backstage looking for you."

Big Papi: "Oh yeah wonder why?"

*Big Papi with a big grin on his face.*

Diana: "Well he went to the ring calling you out. He said is he going to hurt you in a hardcore match tonight."

Big Papi: "He said he was going to hurt me well we will just have to see about that."

*Big Papi starts to walk off but turns around."

Big Papi: "Heah Diana don't be a stranger. Who cares what people think."

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did you hear ?
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