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 how do you feel ?

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big papi


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PostSubject: how do you feel ?   Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:46 pm

*The cameras have Robbie and Big Papi infront of the XXEW sign.*

Robbie: "Hello Big Papi. I'm so happy that you took the time to answer some questions that are floating around."

Big Papi: "No problem. I wish it was Diana but we all seen what El Primero did right. Whats on your mind and don't get smart about it."

*Robbie laughs.*

Robbie: "I won't. I was wondering how you felt when you found out that the chairman changed your match last week to a title match ?"

Big Papi: "I was alittle surprised but wasn't worried. I hold this title....."

*Big Papi slaps the title that is hanging over his shoulder.*

Big Papi: "And I will defend this title anytime... anywhere. That is what a title holder is suppose to do right."

Robbie: "Yeah I guess so."

Robbie: "We all seen the vicious hit that El Primero gave you with that barb wired bat. How are you doing now ?"

*Big Papi smiles and points at his forehead.*

Big Papi: "Ohhh he hit me good. He busted me wide open and I ended up with a couple staples. After seeing the match I'm surprised I came back from that hit ."

*Robbie laughs.*

Robbie: "We was all surprised. Know that you have a couple staples you will probably be sidelined for awhile right ?"

Big Papi: "Well the doctor recommended it but we all know this is a tough business and if they call upon me I'm not going to back down. I mean I'm not going to use this as an excuse."

*Big papi walks off and leaves it at that but robbie had something to say.*

Robbie: "Well you don't have to worry about it your safe for now."

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how do you feel ?
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