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 NiXON looking for some Competition

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PostSubject: NiXON looking for some Competition   Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:38 pm

*Godsmack´s I Stand Alone hits the speakers and NiXON comes out to the Titan Tron holding a mic in her hand*

*the crowd pops and cheers her wildly, raising signs and displays of affection*

NiXON: seems like i made some impact here in XXEW!

*another loud pop from the crowd is answering this question on the spot*

NiXON: and I´m as happy about that as you are

NiXON: kicking Olympus`s butt for the second consecutive time fair and square


Spanky: Another nice demonstration of her tremendous improvements

JT: I would consider her for some gold. Should look nice around that waist

Ozzy: somebody falling in love over there?

JT: *harrumph

*Spanky starts laughing*

Ozzy: JT? awww...he´s blushing...sweet...look at him

JT: stop it guys...one can´t say a single word around here

Spanky: yeah, yeah, well soooo let´s get back to some nice hips...eeeerrhh business



NiXON: As my old nemesis is no longer a threat to me. I need new competition

NiXON: And as i looked around back in the locker room

NiXON: there was only one guy seeming right as my next opponent


NiXON: As he is considered the future No.1 contender for the Gold

NiXON: I want to challange him to ease him off of this burden

*the crowd starts chanting "GO FOR GOLD...GO FOR GOLD...GO FOR GOLD"*

*mixed with some "marry me" and "i want you to be the mother of my children" shouts*

*NiXON is smiling shy*

NiXON: So Manu? What do you say? You and Me! I want to clarify the roles on the top of this roster!

NiXON: I´m hungry and i on the next PPV i want a spot in the main event!

*NiXON drops the mic and waits for an answer from Manu*
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PostSubject: Re: NiXON looking for some Competition   Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:01 am

(as you would get a reply sooner from the late jimmy hoffa than from manu, i'll get into action again ...)

SPanky: Will Manu reply?

JT: Don't count on it Spanky ... Manu hasn't been 'present' a lot here in the federation.

Ozzy: It's a disgrace ... getting such a paycheck every appearance and never do any kind of contribution...

Spanky: Ah, live and let live ...

JT: I think the Chairman is thinking otherwise, his patience is running out with all these big payed superstars.

*All of a sudden Manu is shown on the titantron, leaning back in a white leather sofa in between two scaresly clothed ladies*
Manu: Aaah, excuse me here guys ... I thought somebody had a challenge here for me ...

Manu: But all I can see is a female ring announcer in the ring. Where did the challenger go?

Manu: Excuse me miss ... if you are finished cleaning that ring, could you please tell me what happened to the challenger?"

Nixon replies ... - ( 1 )

Manu: You kidding me? Come on girl. Wrestling is a male's sport!! You can join these two fine ladies here in this sofa ...

Manu: You're not looking too bad, hop on in. And let the wrestling be ... for the real athletes around here, thank you ...

Nixon replies ... - ( 2 )

Manu: Come oooooooon!!! I have a reputation to maintain here!! I'm a ladiesman, everybody knows that!!

Manu: But I won't hesitate to spank that wellformed behind of yours, just to put you in your place!!

Manu: So you know what? YOU ARE OOOOOOON!!! But don't even think about filing any law suits against me ...

Manu: After I have kicked that behind so hard, you can't even sit down anymore for at least one week!!

Nixon: Okay ... SO BE IT!!!

*Nixon drops the microphone and leaves the ring*

JT: Ouch, that's gotta sting!!

Ozzy: Not being able to sit down?

JT: No idiot, all that negative talk towards Nixon!!

Spanky: Manu hasn't got a clue where he's getting himself into ...

Ozzy: This is gonna be such a slobberknocker!! Mark my damn words!!!


XXXXXXX If you want anything changed up or added, please do so XXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXX I left two blanks for replies. I numbered them XXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXX If no reply comes, I'll cook up something to fill things up XXXXXXXXX
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NiXON looking for some Competition
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