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 I will become champion

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El Primero


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PostSubject: I will become champion   Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:59 pm

* The camera focuses on a dark room where there is a single spotlight shining on a table. On the table there is a barbed wire bat. A dark figure is shown looking down at the table. The figure is wearing a mask, and the person turns out to be El Primero.*

El Primero: Big Papi, I have had it. I had the title within my grasp. I felt around my waist, but you had to steal it from me at the very last minute.

* El Primero looks down and then looks back up.*

El Primero: ...I will not lose this time. I don't care who the extra person is going to be in the match. I'm going after you. I am going to destroy you. I will finish what I started.

*El Primero then proceeds to pick up the barbed wire bat and gazes at it in awe.*

El Primero: I'll also have a very special friend who will help me finish the job.

* The spotlight suddenly turns off and the room turns dark.*

El Primero: The end has come for you Big Papi, and there's nothing you can do about it.

*The camera fades away.*
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I will become champion
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