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 Difficult to be online in the chat at the same time

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El Hormiga Loco
El Hormiga Loco

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PostSubject: Difficult to be online in the chat at the same time   Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:32 pm

It has been quite hard to catch each other on the chat lately.

We all live in different timezones, which makes it more difficult.

I try to be on there as much as possible, but sometimes when I'm working on the shows I get timed out. When I come back I see I missed one of you. So please, don't give up too fast if you are in there, or you might miss somebody else maybe by a few seconds.

I live in Belgium, which has the same time as the server. During the day I'm out working, but normally around 21.00h servertime I will be on there (xept for thursdays, i have to work till 22.00h)

Just to give you all an idea.
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Difficult to be online in the chat at the same time
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