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 Pick your Poison

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PostSubject: Pick your Poison   Sun May 19, 2013 3:14 am

*NiXON is standing in the middle of the ring with her smoking hot all new in ring gear. Playing all her attributes with subtle little wiggles and seducements*

*the male crowd is going crazy for her*

*She slowly strolls around thering with a cheeky smirk on her face and finally prompts the timekeeper to hand her a mic*

NiXON: Hey guys...

*she breathes into the mic and the crowd pops even louder*

NiXON: apparently you like my new ring gear

*the crowd explodes in furious YES chants, the reaction suprises even her*

NiXON: wow, well i didn´t thought of such an reaction

NiXON: OK, let´s go to business

NiXON: As you all know last week i lost my title to Demo

*loud moaning goes through the arena*

NiXON: NO, no guys...there is nothing to complain about

NiXON: Demo beat me fair and square in the middle of the ring

NiXON: I hoped but didn´t expect to retain the title against him

NiXON: He is on the very top of the roster and i am glad and very thankfull to even had the chance to held the title and be your championess

NiXON: Although it didn´t last for long i was the proudest person alive

NiXON: Beeing given the opportunity to compete for the gold and beating the top dogs of the whole XXEW universe within my first Season here was just amazing

NiXON: and from the bottom of my heart i thank you for that...YOU the universe...the Chairmann...the workers...all of you here in XXEW...

*the crowd starts chanting NiXON - NiXON - NiXON*

NiXON: Now let´s get it on. I was told for this weeks show i may chose some poison for Demo.

NiXON: He will have to compete in a 2 out of 3 submission match against an opponent of my chosing

NiXON: As we all know there is just one man on this roster beeing a real threat for Demo

NiXON: and as we all know they have a lot of unfinished business

NiXON: So my descision should be very predictable but i think it´s the only comprehensible and the only one not making Demo laugh at me

NiXON: and therefore Demos opponent in this 2 out of 3 submission match will be El Hormiga Loco

NiXON: I hope they can settle something in there so Demo can focus on my rematch for the XXEW Championship on the upcoming PPV

NiXON: Anyhow...As you all know there is no receiving without giving.

NiXON: So in return Demo is allowed to chose some poison for me, too

*NiXON turns towards the Titan Tron and invites Demo out there for his response*

NiXON: Demo! come out here and make your decision. Who will be my poisonous potion...
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Pick your Poison
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