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 Whats going on in the xxew so far..

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PostSubject: Whats going on in the xxew so far..   Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:19 am

On my end, I run the Gecko Management Company. I take a few wrestlers under my wing and guide them thru their careers here in the XXEW, Kinda like a JJ Dillion was to the 4 horsemen,back in the day. Currently in wrestling , there is nothing to compare it to. The only difference is , basically we are the good guys, mostly.. I'm not afraid to get down and dirty if the need arises.Twisted Evil 

But anyways, Right now the GMC consists of myself, Bret the Best, Porigon30, The Knot and the newest member, Cena7. And currently have been trying to throw a wrench into Mr.Matrix plans of running the XXEW, by taking on his little group in matches... So far, we have been pretty successful in whopping up on them, but can we sustain the streak,or will Matrix bring in more goons?
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Whats going on in the xxew so far..
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