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 How the first show will kick of the new season will kick off ...

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El Hormiga Loco
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PostSubject: How the first show will kick of the new season will kick off ...   Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:10 am

*The Chairman's office is shown, being still in the dark*
*Some stumbling in the corridor can be heard, as finally a key is been put in the keyhole, opening the door*
*The light from the corridor shines into the office, as a hand reaches in and turns on the light*
*Mr. Matrix and Miss B. Have enter the office*

MMT: Sweet ... this is just sweet ...

*Matrix goes further and looks around, gazing at some classic paintings*

MMT: Who am I kidding ... these paintings suck ...This is so not me ...
MMT: Miss B. Have ...please get rid of this rubbish ...
MBH: Will do Mr. Matrix...
MMT: Now let me test this chair here for a moment ...

*Mr. Matrix goes behind the desk and throws himself into the leater armchair*

MMT: My goooooood ...this is it ... THIS I IS IT!!! THIS IS THE LIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!
MMT: Now the only thing I need is a coffee ... Miss B. Have ... Get me some coffee please ...
MBH: Who died and made me your secretary?
MMT: You if you don't get me that coffee ...
MBH: Okay okay ... calm down ... How do you want it ?

*Mr. Matrix turns his chair and stares right into the camera*


*Camera fades to black*

Background story wrote:

Mr. Matrix is now the GM in XXEW (again). He became it after blackmailing the Chairman last season.
The Chairman had to make a choice ... or he could sell the company which would have meant the end of the federation ... or he could put Matrix in charge who would pump some new cash in.

He chose the last option so now Matrix is GM. So whoever wants a match or wants to complain in RP, have to adres Matrix. Remember ... Matrix is heel ...
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How the first show will kick of the new season will kick off ...
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