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 2013-10-20 XXEW - X-Rated Xtreme Evolution Wrestling

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El Hormiga Loco

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PostSubject: 2013-10-20 XXEW - X-Rated Xtreme Evolution Wrestling   Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:08 am

What's gonna happen t his week huh ...

The Gecko vs Bret the best in a LMS

Also there will be three beat the clock matches, who will determine who's gonna be the number one contender for the pay per view ... All three are hardcore matches.

Demo VS El Hormiga Loco
NiXON VS Horadus
Big_Winner_until_my_finishing _line VS Burning Feather

Strongest Link Championship:
frankenstein & bomba luce vs cena7 & Porigon30

X-Treme Championship:

The Knot vs Manic the Hedgehog ...

Life Warrior vs the Awesome Nutcase (2 out of 3 submission)
Random Man 3 vs Max the warrior (Last blood)

Septic vs Conkster - I Quit match ...

Read the spoiler in the VGM section of the forum ...
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2013-10-20 XXEW - X-Rated Xtreme Evolution Wrestling
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