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 Anybody understood something about the upcoming changes?

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Anybody understood something about the upcoming changes? Empty
PostSubject: Anybody understood something about the upcoming changes?   Anybody understood something about the upcoming changes? EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 11:00 am

Here they are for those who missed them:

New Masters: We have recently prepared a new set of masters who are more balanced, and way tougher to keep competitivity on all levels. The unlockable features will have a better spread after this change so you will not be held back. Level up money will be more likely deducted from your accounts, and everyone will get their entrances, and private gyms reset for free. If for some reason you don't have enough money to cover your debt, you will get your money reset to 0 after a week.

The New Private Gym: As the Private gym is still getting underused we are considering changing the system again. The new private gym will come in 3 different segments. The first part will be Basic Gym which will look exactly like the current gym but instead of charging TPs, every ability will cost you 20k FEs.

The next 2 levels will charge you 50 TPs each, but they will unlock more abilities for you to train for the same price of 20k FEs.

The new thing about the private gym is that it will have a timer of 6 hours per ability, but you will be able to reduce the timer using TPs.

PS: As there will be a timer system included, you'll no longer have to level up your gym to train new stats.

Christmas Promo: Our new traditional Christmas Promo will be available in a few days. Seize this opportunity while you can, because this will be the last promo in a while.

New Skin: The new skin, as demonstrated on our facebook page, will be ready for use in a couple of days, so stay tuned to behold a new TWG era.

Patches: We are planning to have a new game patch to adjust some abilities and skills that are conceived as imbalanced.

Skills to be adjusted:
- Pin bonus will be buffed to give more advantage for speed, and defense builds
- Pin opposition will be buffed to become a viable counter to Pin bonus
- DR will be nerfed so massing up DR will no longer be cost effecient.
- DDI/Bleed/injuries might get nerfed if needed, depending on how the previous changes work out.

Match Types: We will have a new format for match types to make them more fun. We will Highlight the revamped match as it gets updated.
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Anybody understood something about the upcoming changes?
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