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Big Daddy Deuce
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 301
26 - Resistance
Comic face
Catchphrase: Who’s yer daddy?

The name my maw and paw… Lord rest their souls… gave me is unimportant. But, y'all can call me Big Daddy Deuce. I been wrasslin' little fellers like y'all my whole life. Some of ya’ are no bigger than my last meal, and I promise anyone who wants a piece of Big D better pack a lunch ‘cause I can go all night long and twice and Sundays.

That goes double for you ladies. Rowr...

As an aside, my last job was at a pickle plant in Water Valley, Mississippi. I got fired for putting my finger in the pickle slicer. Well, truth be told, she got fired, too.

Crazy Train (Direct Damage)
Big Daddy Deuce crosses himself and smiles then whips the opponent to the far ropes running alongside holding the nape of his neck . Before reaching the ropes, Big D jumps placing a boot on the back of the victim’s head forcing the opponent to the mat face-first!

Whoomp, There it is! (Pin)
Big Daddy Deuce whips the opponent to the far ropes planting him with a Big Boot - Big D then raises a finger to check wind currents . With a devilish grin to the marks, Deuce bounces from the ropes and jumps ... landing arse-first on the sternum of the opponent.
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Big Daddy Deuce's stuff
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