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 NiXON Pic & Bio

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While NiXON is a newcomer on the XXEW universe, she remains one of its most seasoned performers. As a bonafide student of the game, NiXON has spent time training in Japan, Mexico and Europe as well as the United States.
This amalgamation of those respective styles of wrestling is what sets this woman apart from virtually everyone else in the world of sports entertainment. NiXON is also blessed with an uncanny agility for an athlete of her size. It's not uncommon to see her leap straight to the top rope or to fly through the ropes toward an unsuspecting opponent.
At some point in NiXON's career, simply winning matches became blasé to her. Multiple tours of Japan and amateur boxing training brought knockout techniques to NiXON's arsenal that she hadn't previously perfected.
Now, when she steps in the ring, she utilizes a variety of kicks and rolling elbows that can end a match at any moment. The pride that NiXON takes in knocking her opponents unconscious can become a disadvantage when she loses focus of winning the match in favor of connecting with a knockout blow. She has crossed paths with many other XXEW superstars in the past, so it will be fascinating to watch her match up with it's finest.

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NiXON Pic & Bio
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