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 NiXON introducing herself to the XXEW universe

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NiXON introducing herself to the XXEW universe Empty
PostSubject: NiXON introducing herself to the XXEW universe   NiXON introducing herself to the XXEW universe EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 3:26 am

*NiXON is standing in the middle of the ring holding a mic in her hand and watches all around the arena*

*enjoying the cheers and chants after her victory over Olympus last week*

NiXON: Hello XXEW!

NiXON: last week there were no time to introduce myself properly to all of you as i had to deal with "something" from the past.

NiXON: i guess you all remember who i´m talking about

*The people start chanting LYMPY...LYMPY...LYMPY..and NiXON starts laughing in the Ring*

NiXON: haha...alright...there you go!

NiXON: for those of you who missed it. i´ve beaten and overcame one of my archenemies...Olympus


Spanky: That was one hell of a match last week

JT: i keep calling it a demonstration

Ozzy: she dismantled him

Spanky: i don´t know whats worse for him. loosing the top of the foodchain or beeing beaten by a girl

Ozzy: well, we all saw the outcome backstage earlier


NiXON: I think i made a good decision with coming over from T.M.G here to the XXEW

NiXON: As there was no more development for me and i was beeing overlooked for too long

NiXON: I want to make an impact and i want to be on the top of the roster. i want to show you all what is possible even for a girl

NiXON: Plain and simple - i just want to kick some ass around here and have fun with you guys

*The crowd pops*

NiXON: So who could be my next opponent i can sink my teeth in?

*suddenly Olympus music hits the speakers as he walks out on the titan tron*

Olympus: Next opponent? Who do you think you are. We are not done yet. I AM NOT DONE YET!

Olympus: Last time i wasn´t ready. And as ruthless as i am i´m not beating a girl and bust her open

NiXON: Is that so? well, then you´ll keep losing to THAT girl. Cause i like to bust things open

Olympus: I dare you keep making fun of me girl!

NiXON: Or else? Lympy? What are you going to do about it?

*and again the crowd starts chanting LYMPY...LYMPY...LYMPY*

*as Olympus freaks out and starts heading to the ring*

Olympus: Skrew it you little brat...

Olympus: prepare for beeing stretchered out of this building

*Olympus throws the mic away and jumps into the ring*
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NiXON introducing herself to the XXEW universe
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