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 Geckp Management Company

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The Titantron Starts out with a black screen. Gradually a fade in come to the screen showing the Masked Gecko sitting behind a huge oak bussiness desk on a lavish office.

MG: " Ahh, welcome to the office of the Gecko Management Company. In this office, I will create superstar after superstar for the XXEW"

The Gecko looks into the camera and points.

MG:" Do you fear for your job?"

MG:" Do you have a slight langauge barrier?"

MG:" Can you hold up your end of an interveiw?"

MG:" Can you come up with the right things to say at the right times to adress your opponent in the ring?"

MG:" If you answewred yes to any of the questions, maybe , just maybe you need someone to represent you."

MG:" Maybe , just maybe that some one is me, The Masked Gecko. Superstar Extrodinarie!"

The Masked Gecko stands up from his chair and walks around to the fronnt of the desk.

MG:" Just come on in to my office right here, sit down .and explain what you have going on ."

MG:" I could walk to the ring with you, I could conduct and or interveiw for you."

MG:" Or I cold be there talking for you for your next promo shoot for your upcoming match.

MG:" All for the low low price of foot massages and chocolate covered grasshoppers."

MG:" Terms and conditions are variable..."

The Gecko winks.

MG:" So stop by my office today you soon to be unemployed wrestlers of the XXWE."

MG:" Maybe this is the day , we can save your job."

MG:" Remember,"

The Masked Gecko thumps his chest with both fists once.

MG:" Come Gex Some!"

The Titantron fades to black.

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Geckp Management Company
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