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 Just watched a killer TV series

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Just watched a killer TV series Empty
PostSubject: Just watched a killer TV series   Just watched a killer TV series EmptySun Mar 10, 2013 2:40 am

Man, dont ya hate watching a cool TV series and then it gets cancelled be4 all the storylines are closed, or maybe they put a rush job on the finish?

The first time that happened was when I was watching Farscape on a regular basis.. At least they did a DVD movie to finish it up..

Now they cancel "Alpha's" tho i didnt get thru watching the second season yet on netflix or amazon yet, tho i just heard they canceled it.. Was really impressed how the one actor played a charatcer with autism,seeing how my son is diagnosed with it too.

Then I have been watching " Jericho" Awesome show , but only made it to 2 seasons and the second one is cut short.. ARGH!!
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Just watched a killer TV series
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