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 Portuguese Team ?

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Jason Statham

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PostSubject: Portuguese Team ?   Portuguese Team ? EmptySat Mar 16, 2013 12:18 am

*Jason Statham was on the locker room getting ready for his match when Porigon enters in the Locker Room to change his clothes*

*Jason Statham stops doing what he was doing and go for Porigon*

Jason Statham: Hey, you did a great job in your last match, congratiolations for your big victory.

Porigon30: Thanks, I heard you have a match now and it's really important...

Jason Statham: Oh yhea, I have a match against you last opponent, let's see who does the best job !

*Both starts laughing*

Porigon30: You're funny ! Where are you from ?

Jason Statham: Portugal.

Porigon30: No kidding... I'm from Portugal too !

Jason Statham: That's awesome.

Porigon30: Yes, it is ! I never thought I will found a Portuguese here.

Jason Statham: Neither I thought that.

Porigon30: So, you were looking the chicks here ?

Jason Statham: Ow ! You're talking about Diana, yhea... she's hot but is not the type of girl I like, it was really good my date with her but we really only had some fun, I'm not in love by her like some guys here.

Porigon30: I would do the same if I'm not having my girlfriend but I really like her, you know...

Jason Statham: Yhea, you do well, I'm still trying to find that girl... Look I have to go, was really nice to meet you, you want to drink some beers one day ?

Porigon30: Yhea, like a good Portuguese do, I would like that.

Jason Statham: Take care buddy.

Porigon30: Good luck for your match, take care.
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Portuguese Team ?
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