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 Friendship continues ?

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Jason Statham

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Friendship continues ? Empty
PostSubject: Friendship continues ?   Friendship continues ? EmptyThu Mar 21, 2013 12:05 am

*Jason Statham was in the Locker Room trainning Martial Arts when Porigon30 comes in*

Porigon30: Hey buddy.

Jason Statham: Hi !

Porigon30: You're doing awesome things there.

*Jason Statham stops trainning*

Jason Statham: Sorry dude, this Mounth was so intense, I mean I never wrestle and I come here and get an opportunity for the title, oh this is great.

Porigon30: Yhea, and what about our match ?

Jason Statham: What you mean ?

Porigon30: Are you trainning so hard for this match ?

Jason Statham: No ! This match with you it's important but I can lose, it's not a big deal...

Porigon30: So, I'm not a big deal ?

Jason Statham: C'mon... I'm saying this will be a friendship match, if I lose I will be ok, I hope you take the same way.

Porigon30: Man, this is a match between the nÂș 1 contender, that is you !

Jason Statham: So ?

Porigon30: So, I can't lose it, this is real, this is my job, this is a professional thing, we can't take this like a ...

Jason Statham: Are you serious Bro ? I will give it my best but this match... you know what ? I will continue my trainning and give 100% in the match, if you lose for that don't cry.

Porigon30: Let's see that.

*Porigon30 goes out of the Locker Room and Jason Statham continues the match*
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Friendship continues ?
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