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 big papi handing tickets out

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big papi

big papi

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PostSubject: big papi handing tickets out   big papi handing tickets out EmptyFri Mar 22, 2013 6:18 pm

*The cameras catch Big Papi out by the main entrance greeting fans.*

Fan: "Hello big papi. I love what you are doing here.

Big Papi: "Thanks."

Fan: "I was wondering if you would sign my tee shirt?"

Big Papi: "Sure I will. Are you ready for the show tonight?"

Fan: "Well of course I am. Thanks for the autograph."

Big Papi: "No problem anytime."

*The fan walks off.*

*A lady with her kid was walking by.*

Big Papi: "Well hello there little fella. How are you ?"

Kid: "I'm doing great my mom got me tickets for my birthday."

Big Papi: "Oh yeah well happy birthday."

Kid: "I have this poster here will you sign it for me ?"

*Big Papi looks at the sign and grins.*

Big Papi: "Well it's a good sign and yes I will sign it."

Kid: "Thanks are you wrestling tonight ?"

Big Papi: "I think so. Why are you going to root for me ?"

Kid: "I am now."

*Big Papi laughs.*

Big Papi: "Oh that was good kid."

*Big Papi hands the sign back and looks at the lady .*

Big Papi: "Well I would like to do something for you."

Lady: "Oh yeah whats that ?"

Big Papi: "I just so happen to have two tickets for the front row if you will accept them ."

*The kid starts jumping up and down.*

Lady: "Are you sure about that ?"

Big Papi: "Yes take them and enjoy the show."

Lady: "Thanks and good luck ."

*They walk off with big smiles on there face and Big Papi turns around and there stands Diana .*

Diana: Well that was nice of you. Why wasn't you so helpful last week ?"

Big Papi: "I'm sorry. That was pretty low of what El primero did to you, But I didn't want him to think he had the upper hand ."

*A couple fans run up to them .*

Fans: "Hello can we get a picture with you guys in it ?"

*Big Papi looks at Diana and shrugs his shoulders .*

Diana: "Sure why not."

*They take a picture and they walk off .*

Fans; "Thanks you."

*Diana and Big Papi wave at them then turn at each other .*

Big Papi: "I'm sorry Diana but I don't think this is a good place to talk about this ."

Diana: "Yeah maybe later ."

*They both walk off in different directions.*
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big papi handing tickets out
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