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 sorry if i went out of line

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big papi

big papi

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sorry if i went out of line Empty
PostSubject: sorry if i went out of line   sorry if i went out of line EmptyTue Mar 26, 2013 11:06 pm

*Big Papi was walking to the lockerroom and Robbie was standing there.*

Robbie: "Hello Big Papi I was wondering if you had time to answer a few questions?"

Big Papi: "Well not really. I have alot of stuff on my plate tonight."

Robbie: "I know but it won't take long. We all know you are going to be busy."

Big Papi: "Yeah, I have a match with El Primero and an unknown opponent tonight for this title."

*Big Papi slaps the title with a smile.*

Robbie: "Are you worried that you might finally lose that title tonight?"

Bip Papi: "Alittle bit, but I'm just ready to give El Primero a beaten."

Robbie: "So your focus is on El Primero and not the other opponent?"

Bip Papi: "Yes my main focus is going to be on El Primero. I know that is not the way to go into this match but it's time to finish unfinished business."

*All of a sudden El Primero comes out of no where and stands toe to toe with Big Papi.*

El Primero: "So Big Papi are you over here running your mouth about me?"

Big Papi: "Maybe, why whats you going to do about it?"

*They both get right up into each others face.*

El Primero: "Maybe I should just take you out right here."

*Robbie gets in between them both.*

Robbie: "Know know guys no need to take it out here. We all would love to see this in the ring, and you have to remember there is another opponent in this match."

El Primero: "I don't care Robbie. I'm going to take Big Papi out."

*El Primero sticks his finger in Big Papi's face.*

El Primero: "And then I'm claiming what is mine."

*El Primero slaps the belt that is hanging over Big Papi's shoulder.*

Big Papi: "If thats how you feel........"

El Primero: "No thats what I know."

*The Wiz walks up to them laughing.*

The Wiz: "Wow you guys are really full of it. You guys are going to make this easy for me."

Robbie: "Ummm Wiz you don't even know if you'll be in this match."

The Wiz: "Hey Robbie was I talking to you? Stay out of this before something happens to you."

*Clean cut comes walking up and gets infront of The Wiz.*

Clean Cut: "So Wiz you are already counting me out of this?"

The Wiz: "I guess I am Clean Cut."

Clean Cut: "Well I wouldn't and for you guys...."

*Clean Cut points at both Big Papi and El Primero.*

Clean Cut: "I wouldn't take me lightly eithier. If I'm in your match you guys will have your hands full."

*El Primero and Big Papi look at each other.*

Big Papi: "Not if we put you both in the hospital right now."

*All the guys get into each other faces and then out comes The Chairman.*

Robbie: "Thank you, finally some law and order."

*All the guys backup.*

The Chairman: "What on earth are you guys doing? Are you guys trying to mess up my show?"

*The guys give no response.*

The Chairman: "Wow no one has nothing to say know....Ok then you all leave now and take your anger out in the ring."

*They all walk off in different directions.*

Robbie: "Thanks, I thought it was going to get disastorous in here."

The Chairman: "Whatever get back to work."

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sorry if i went out of line
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