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 The Wiz in the ring

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The Wiz in the ring Empty
PostSubject: The Wiz in the ring   The Wiz in the ring EmptyWed Mar 27, 2013 7:52 am

*The Wiz is walking down the ramp to the ring*

The Wiz: Ladies and Gentlemen later tonight you will see the 3rd member of x-extreme championship match will be decided.

Spanky: What this guy doing in the ring he has a match later on, is he looking for fame or something.

The Wiz: I will face Clean Cut tonight i never heard of a clean cut before but tonight i will show u guys what a dirty cut will look like after i put a beating to him.

*The Crowd chants wiz wiz wiz*

The Wiz: But Clean Cut i am counting you out of this, i don't see why you have to face me tonight is best you come down to this ring and give up so the 3rd member of the championship match will be decided right now because i don't have time to waste i have alot of business to handle tonight and in the next few days.

The Wiz: How about this! Big Papi why don't you come down to the ring and surrender your title to the The Wiz before the The Wiz comes backstage and take the title myself Big Papi it's your choice because i want that title right now because Clean Cut and whoever the next guy name is a amuteurs they don't deserve a title shot how about Clean Cut and the next dude come down to ring and face me in a triple threat right now to determine the number 1 contender.

*The Crowd likes the idea*

The Wiz: So how about it come down to this ring right now Clean Cut and if you don't, Big Papi should come down to this ring and defend his title right now.

*Big Papi comes down to the ring*
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big papi

big papi

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The Wiz in the ring Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Wiz in the ring   The Wiz in the ring EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 11:00 pm

*Big Papi gets up into the ring and acts like he is giving the belt up then raises it.*

Big Papi: "Oh what you think I would just hand this over on a silver platter?

*The crowd goes crazy*

Big Papi: "I don't think so. You have alot of work ahead of you to get this belt."

Big Papi: "Just like you said you have to beat Clean Cut before you can even challange for this."

Big Papi: "So I suggest you buckle up because you are in for a long haul tonight. You think Clean Cut is going to be easy I think your wrong."

*The crowd cheers.*

Big Papi: "And if you do defeat him you are not going to be able to get through me for this belt."

Big Papi: "So good luck and take one last look at this belt because this is the last time you will be cloose to it."

*Big Papi raises the belt then turns around and leaves the ring.*

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The Wiz in the ring
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