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 Info on the Guy they call....

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Info on the Guy they call.... Empty
PostSubject: Info on the Guy they call....   Info on the Guy they call.... EmptySat Apr 06, 2013 2:04 am

The Masked Gecko....

Hello, there , glad your reading this Razz ( you must be bored)

A liitle about Yours Truly, The Masked Gecko.. Well, the guy that rules the character anyways..

I am From PA in the USA.. The name is Chris actually, not Gex...lol

Around my 40's ,married to a wonderful woman (for about 6 years now) with 2 great kids 1 boy who is 12 and autistic, and a 10 yr old daughter.

Big Pittsburgh Steeler fan, (American Football) and if it has to deal with sports teams, well, its Pittsburgh all the way around , The Penquins and alas, even the Pirates in baseball Mad (C'mon, a .500 season would be nice sometime).

Also, I coach my daughters schools soccer team for the 4th and 5th grade lvl. What a handful those kids are , got 14 to manage, but its fun and shows me how outta shape i am.

Spare time , well, i play Magic the Gathering online . Used to play the real life card game, but the physical cards tend to have cluttered up the house , so i sold most of them off and just doing the online game now. Also, used to enjoy fishing be4 i moved to to the area i am in now (would have been , geez , 10 years ago,) but looking to take it back up.

Used to watch a bunch or wrestling, but since i get up most times at 2 am for work, wacthing wrestling at nite now is nonexistant... Also I kinda watch more MMA than wrestling now , due to the PPV of MMA falls on Saturday nights instead of Sundays, making it easier for me to stay up and watch it and not having to get up for work..lol

Work for me... well that would be driving a forklift at a Cheese distribution center.. BAsically we make all the private label cream cheese and yoguert out there in the marketplace.. Kraft is the only competion out there for our company..

Well thats it for now What a Face

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Info on the Guy they call....
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