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 Is he really ... gone???

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Is he really ... gone??? Empty
PostSubject: Is he really ... gone???   Is he really ... gone??? EmptyWed Apr 17, 2013 8:31 am

*The Chairman is shown, entering the XXEW dome, carrying a black briefcase*
*He goes further towards Marabuntha's office*
*The Chairman knocks twice ... and waits ...*
- no reply -
*Once again the Chairman knocks on the door, but this time harder and several more times*

CM: What's this now, is he sleeping???

*Carefully he checks if the door is locked ...*
*It isn't ... the door slowly opens with a squeeck ...*
*The Chairman enters Marabuntha's office and looks around ...*

CM: My gooooooooood!!! The office is empty!!! The furniture is gone ... the books ... heck even the plants!!
CM: He's gone alright ... The only thing he left ... is that postcard lying on the ground ...

*The Chairman kneels and picks up the card, turning it around to read what it says ...*
*The camera can't catch what's on it ...*

CM: Oh my ... oh my oh my ...
CM: Who ever saw that one coming???

*The Chairman grins and leaves the empty office, leaving the door open, without saying anything more*
*The camera fades out*
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Is he really ... gone???
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