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 Gecko Management Company

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The Masked Gecko sits in a plush leather chair behind a huge oak desk in a big office. Two computer monitors are sitting on the desk, the hum of hard drives being powered in the background. Folders sit opened on the sesk as the Gecko looks at all of them.

MG: Ok, lets see here.. I've got Porigon30 under contract, Brett the Best , and The Knot, under my services here.. Hmm seems like Olympus signed up too, but moved on..

MG: Will have to send him a bill anyways, while he toils away in obscurity.
MG: But anyways , to take care of who I have right now..

The Gecko punches a few keys on the keyboard of his computer..

MG: OK, now to take these guys from no names and to build them up to be stars.. hmm Porigon30, ahh, not quite a bottom feeder.

The Gecko scratches the side of his mask.

MG: Ahh, got it . Jimmy the Animal is still hurting from the whoppin I laid down on him from last season. He still doesnt have what it takes , so we will get P-30 going on his career thru him..

MG: P-30...,hmmm, I like the sound of that..

MG: Hmm Note to self, Promo's with p-30 and JTA... NEXT..

The Gecko grabs a file off the desk.

MG:" Hmm Brett The Best.. Techie, huh, not quite bottom feeder stuff either, lets see....

MG: I think he could go good vs a resist.. Hmm Seppy has been bothersome lately. Lets give seppy something to keep him busy..

MG: Now Da Knot...Heres some one to build from the ground floor up to a champion.

MG: now who ,oh who to bring against him?...

The Gecko shuffles some papers around.. Gonna have to start out small and work the way up, lets go with D Punisher and work our way up with him..

MG: Now lets call every one in and set up our times for Promo shoots.....

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Gecko Management Company
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