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 Demo asking for his rematch

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Demo asking for his rematch Empty
PostSubject: Demo asking for his rematch   Demo asking for his rematch EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 8:13 am

*As the Chairman is doing some paperworks, somebody knocks on the door with a firm knock*


*The door gets opened, as Demo enters the Chairman's office*

CM: Demo ... Nice to see you again. What's up.

Demo: Sorry for intruding here, but I think you already know why I'm here for ...

CM: I already know ... what am I now, a goddamn psychic? If you want to say something, say it, and don't make me guess what it is alright!!

Demo: Fair enough. I'm here for ...

CM: A rematch right? You lost your title on last pay per view against NiXON ... and now you want to invoke your rematchclause!!

Demo: I thought you didn't know ...

CM: Don't be a smartypants in my company Demo ... But that's why you are here for, isn't it.

Demo: Yes ... I want a chance to redeem myself ... I want to show I'm the better man in a one-on-one fight.

CM: You know our policy here. The X-Rated World Champion does not have to defend his title on the first show of the new season ... So ...

Demo: Sigh ...

CM: Why such a hurry? There are still 4 other chances this season ...

Demo: Every day parted from the gold is an eternity ... I earn that title ...

CM: And NiXON doesn't??

Demo: No ... I mean Yes ... I mean ... Not taking anything away from NiXON ... She is one hell of a competitor ...

CM: But ... I can feel a BUT coming ...

Demo: But I'm better ...

CM: Okay then ... Listen up. Tonight ... You will not get your title rematch ... PERIOD!!

Cm: But because I can feel your hunger ... You will be facing her tonight in one-on-one kombat. NONE TITLE!!

Cm: So you better prove yourself worthy ... And who knows ... maybe next week ... you'll have your rematch.

Demo: I can live with that!

Cm: You'd better ... So it's settled then ... Now get ready for your match and let me be ...

Demo: Okay. Thanks again Chairman ... I won't disappoint you ...

*Demo leaves the office*

CM: You "won't disappoint me" ... How many times have I heard that before ...

*Fades to black*
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Demo asking for his rematch
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