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PostSubject: title shot   title shot EmptyTue Apr 23, 2013 10:51 pm

Big Papi walks up to The Chairmans door and knocks.

CM: Hello come on in.

Big Papi opens the door and walks in.

CM: Well hello Big Papi.
CM: This is a surprise to see you here.
CM: How are you?

Big Papi: I'm doing pretty good.
Big Papi: How about yourself?

CM: I'm doing alright.
CM: Pretty busy getting the new season kicked off.

Big Papi: Well since your busy.
Big Papi: I won't take up to much of your time.
Big Papi: I just got done talking to Clean Cut.
Big Papi: I think he deserves a title shot.

The chairman laughs.

CM: Thats funny.

Big Papi: Whats funny about that?

CM: I was thinking the same thing.

Big Papi: That is strange.
Big Papi: I think he should get one tonight.

The Chairman laughs out loud again.

CM: Well your right Big Papi.
CM: He is getting his chance tonight.
CM: But he is not the only one.

Big Papi: Not the only one what do you mean?

CM: Well I was thinking.
CM: Since you did so good in the three way dance.
CM: That I would kick this season off with a bang.

The Chairman stands up and points at the belt.

CM: A four way for that belt.

Big Papi has one big grin on his face.

CM: Your smiling about that.
CM: I like it.

Big Papi: Yes I like the idea.
Big papi: we know Clean Cut is in.
Big Papi: Who are the others?

The Chairman sits back down.

CM: Well I figured I give The Wiz another shot.

Big Papi: The Wiz hmmmm
Big Papi: Yeah he was doing all he could.
Big Papi: He laid it all out there.

CM: Yeah and I think he will do it again.
CM: Your other opponent will be.
CM: The new and up coming The Awesome Nutcase.

Big Papi: The Who?
Big Papi: I don't even know who he is.

CM: Yeah I know.
CM: He has the potential to be great.
CM: So i threw him in.

Big Papi: Well sounds like it going to be a good start.

CM: Yes it will be.
CM: Anything else on your mind?

Big Papi: Not really.

CM: Ok then.
CM: You better get going.
CM: You have a rough night ahead of you.

Big Papi turns around and walks out.
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