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 big and diana

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big papi

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PostSubject: big and diana   big and diana EmptyTue Apr 30, 2013 8:33 am

Spanky: Well I heard we have a video from earlier today.

Ozzy: Oh yeah from what?

Spanky: Diana had an interview with Big Papi.

Ozzy: Oh yeah I heard that went great lets see it.

Big Papi walks into the room and Diana is sitting there.
Diana stands up and gives Big Papi a hug.

Diana: Hello Big Papi.
Diana: Its been awhile since we talked.

Big Papi: Yes it has.
Big Papi: We are here now so lets catch up.

They both take a seat.

Diana: Thanks for coming in early to do this interview.

Big Papi: No problem.
Big Papi: How have you been?

Diana starts laughing.

Diana: I'm doing good.
Diana: But I'm doing this interview.

Big Papi: Yeah thats right.
Big Papi: Go ahead ask away.

Diana: Well Big Papi you have been on a roll since joining XXEW.
Diana: And your showing no signs of slowing down.
Diana: Do you think you will ever lose that title?

Big Papi: Diana thats a good question.
Big Papi: I would love to wear this belt for good.
Big Papi: But eventually I will get beat.
Big Papi: Hopefully not soon but you never know.

Diana: You have had some tough matches.
Diana: And you have been very succesful.

Big Papi: Yes I have bt lucky at times.
Big Papi: The competition has been tough.
Big Papi: But I love the challanges they have been throwing at me.

Diana: Well I've heard it might get even harder for you.

Big Papi: Oh yeah, whys that?

Diana: I heard they are........

All of a sudden an alarm goes off.

Big Papi: What the......

Diana: It's the fire alarm we better get moving.

[b]They both get up and leave. The video cuts off.[b]
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big and diana
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