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big papi

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PostSubject: a cloose one   a cloose one EmptySun May 05, 2013 10:39 pm

Robbie sees Big papi walking down the hall.

Robbie: Oh man I have to catch him.
Robbie: HHHHeah Big Papi wait up.

Big Papi stops and turns around and shakes his head.
Robbie catches up to him.

Big Papi: Oh man not you.

Robbie: Wow that was rude.

Big Papi: Ok whats you got this time?

Robbie: Well hopefully this goes better than last week.
Robbie: First you and Diana's interview ended pretty crazy.

Big Papi: Yes it did.
Big Papi: They said they was just testing the alarms.
Big Papi: They didn't know we was there to give us the heads up.

Robbie: Your match against Tomi89 didn't go smooth either.
Robbie: Do you think that put your flames out?

Big Papi: What are you talking about?

Robbie: Well you have been on fire lately.
Robbie: Maybe that fire has been put out.

Big Papi: What one bad match and your counting me out.
Big Papi: This guy........

Robbie: Tomi89.

Big Papi: Yeah Tomi89 put up one hell of a fight.
Big Papi: If he can beat me 1.2.3...
Big Papi: Then so be it I'm more than happy for him.

Big Papi stops there.
Big Papi turns around and walks off.
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a cloose one
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