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 Tukulti Ninurta

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PostSubject: Tukulti Ninurta   Tukulti Ninurta EmptyWed May 08, 2013 12:13 pm

I am from Finland so it is possible that there is some mistakes.

So yes I am Tukulti Ninurta. If you look long enough back in time you will find out I am mental descendant of Tukulti Ninurta. I am related to him. Yes that same Tukulti who ruled Assyria long lng time ago. Now sooner or later I will rule these wrestling rings. Eventually you all will worship me. Maybe now some of you might be lucky and can beat me. It is temporary. I will be best. Always in war you lose sometimes. Or maybe I act like I am weak and I just look how you fight and next tim you will suffer greatly. You can be sure all those old Sumerian deities will give me much streght.
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Tukulti Ninurta
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