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 big papi has arrived

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big papi

big papi

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PostSubject: big papi has arrived   big papi has arrived EmptyThu May 16, 2013 10:15 pm

Robbie was out in the parking lot when he heard the sounds of Big Papi's bike.
Robbie turns and looks into the camera with a surprised look on his face.

Robbie: Hmmmm What is Big papi doing here tonight?
Robbie: I'm curious lets go find out.

Robbie walks over to Big Papi.

Robbie: Big Papi what are you doing here tonight?

Big Papi gets off of his bike.

Big Papi: Hello Robbie you look surprised.

Robbie: Yes I'm allittle surprised didn't expect you here tonight.

Big Papi: Well here I am, SURPRISE.

Robbie: Why are you.
Robbie: You know you have the week off.
Robbie: Whats you up too?

Big Papi: I don't know.
Big Papi: Maybe I want to be here.
Big Papi: Is it any of your business?

Robbie: Wow easy there big guy don't be so harsh.
Robbie: Are you here for someone?

Big Papi: What are you trying to say Robbie.

Robbie: Ohh nothing nevermind.

Big Papi: Yes I know I don't have a match tonight.
Big Papi: But I came here with a purpose.

Robbie: OHH yeah and why's that?

Big Papi and Robbie starts walking towards the door.

Big Papi: Well you know the X division is getting pretty crowded.
Big Papi: Maybe someone or something happens tonight.

Robbie: What do you mean?
Roobie: Are you going to do something?

Big Papi laughs.

Big Papi: NO No No I'm just here to enjoy the show.
Big Papi: I just want to see some of the competitors in action.
Big Papi: You do know that one of them are going to be the number one contender for this belt.

Robbie: Yes thats true.
Robbie: Do you have any predictions?
Robbie: Or are you focusing on one competitor?

Big Papi: No predictions.
Big Papi: They all are going to be good competion.

Robbie: Are you worried or scared of anyone of them?

Big Papi stops and turns at Robbie.

Big Papi: I'm not scared of anyone.
Big Papi: I wish the best of luck to all of them.

Big Papi opens the door and walks in.
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big papi has arrived
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