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 big papi's pumped

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big papi

big papi

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PostSubject: big papi's pumped   big papi's pumped EmptyMon May 20, 2013 9:59 pm

Big Papi walks through the door and walks right up to a camera.
Big Papi grabs it with two hands and stares right into it.

Big Papi: Hello everyone are you ready for a big night?

Big Papi: Man it is going to be exciting.

Big Papi: I can't wait.
Big Papi: I hope you all bring your A game.

Big Papi lets go of the camera and walks off.

J.T.: Man that was something out of the ordinary.

Ozzy: Yeah I always knew he was a nut.

Spanky: Ohhh Ozzy it just looks like he is just pumped up ready to go.
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big papi's pumped
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