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 Are you nuts ?

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big papi

big papi

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Are you nuts ? Empty
PostSubject: Are you nuts ?   Are you nuts ? EmptyMon May 20, 2013 10:09 pm

Robbie was walking past the gym.
When he noticed Big Papi was in there.
Robbie turns around and walks into the gym.

Robbie: Heah Big Papi are you nuts?

Big Papi: Maybe Robbie why is there a problem?

Robbie: A problem maybe.

Big Papi walks up to Robbie.

Robbie: Not with us Big Papi.
Robbie: I'm just wondering why your in the gym.

Big Papi: I'm just getting stretched out.

Robbie: Ohh I was wondering.
Robbie: I thought maybe you was in here pumping weights.
Robbie: Because you will have enough weight to throw around later.

Big Papi: Yes I know.
Big Papi: I'm all pumped up for it too.

Robbie: You know there is a big....
Robbie: I mean BIG chance you are going to lose that belt tonight.

Big Papi: I'm not worried about it.
Big Papi: If I lose it will be alright.
Big Papi: But I am going out there and bringing everything I got.
Big Papi: To hold on to this.
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Are you nuts ?
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