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 Rules and conduct that come with a federation ...

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Rules and conduct that come with a federation ... Empty
PostSubject: Rules and conduct that come with a federation ...   Rules and conduct that come with a federation ... EmptySat Jun 01, 2013 10:09 pm

I have just copy pasted the most important stuff from a GML message from Buzzsaw, to make sure you can read it and actually understand why we do the things that we do around here:

1.1 Number of shows Required: As a General Manager, you are required to air 5 shows per season. If you are going to miss any of these obligations for any reason, please contact one of the GMLs in advance. This will be handled on an individual basis, meaning attempts to abuse this privilege will result in it being denied. Failing to air a show on the air date without permission results in a warning.

1.2 Content of shows: These shows are designed to be entertaining, not solely as a method to make your wrestlers financially secure. Therefore, each show will be required to have a minimum 200 written lines of original content, including player role plays, match commentary, or other edited content. Failure to meet this minimum requirement will result in a warning and inelligiblity for promotion for the current season.

1.2.2 Inappropriate content: Any content that contains explicit language, contains nudity or graphic depiction of nudity, sexual acts or explicit descriptions of sexual acts, racial or hate propoganda, religious content (this is allowed to a very minor and generic degree), or descriptions of, directions for or incitement of illegal activity will be strictly prohibited. This list is not all inclusive and the GMLs may find other content not specifically outlined to be inappropriate at their discretion.

1.2.3 Images: images are not required for any show. While they can add value and interest to your show, they will not be expected, nor will images count as content of any kind for the purposes of original content. Images must be tasteful (no nudity, overly sexual images, drugs, or other sensitive items). Images may no contain wrestlers or talent currently signed to any WWE owned or affiliated organization. In addition to talent the entire McMahon family may not be used be used in shows. Images will not contain any logos or other intellectual property of WWE either. This includes ECW, AWA, WCW etc. as well as Pay Per View event logos (Halloween Havoc, Wrestlemania, etc). TNA, ROH, and former WWE talents are available for use, as are MMA fighters and other indy organizations.

1.2.4 Swearing: TWG is a family friendly game. Swearing is not allowed. However, like television, sometimes Swearing may be appropriate to convey the proper message in a particular role play or scene. In these cases the word should be censored out so that nothing but context can determine the offending word. For example: "What the (expletive deleted)?" is acceptable. "What the h***?" is not acceptable.

1.3 Collaborative works with other federations: Advertising other federations or using their contracted wrestlers in your show is forbidden unless the action has been approved by the other GM first, and listed in the Collaborations thread.

3.1 Title Matches: Using Title matches without a story line purpose to boost ticket sales for a show will be considered cheating, and punished with a warning for each offense. To have a title match in a show you must have a storyline to accompany it (or at least a kayfabe title match).

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Rules and conduct that come with a federation ... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rules and conduct that come with a federation ...   Rules and conduct that come with a federation ... EmptyMon Jun 10, 2013 1:52 am

Like they would know if a title match is part of a storyline.....yeahhh...righhhttttt.. Rolling Eyes
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Rules and conduct that come with a federation ...
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