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 Diana interviewing NiXON on the recent events

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Diana interviewing NiXON on the recent events Empty
PostSubject: Diana interviewing NiXON on the recent events   Diana interviewing NiXON on the recent events EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 5:53 am


*Diana London interviewing NiXON about the last seasons, the final ppv and her plans for the upcoming season*

Diana London: NiXON what are your thoughts on the latest events? 

Diana London: you were admired by the universe from day one. you had an impressive run straight to the top of the roster...

NiXON: Thank you Diana...

NiXON: yeah you are right. i was firmly absorbed by the XXEW

NiXON: I never had such an overwhelming start and run within only one season

Diana London: what do you think your title reign and how it ended at the hands of Demo?

NiXON: Well, i have to admit i loved it to be Champion. I was so proud you can´t imagine.

NiXON: But also, i never thought i could rule the whole roster out of nowere

NiXON: I mean look at all the top dogs around here. As you said Demo, El Hormiga, Horadus, Bret, Dreamslasher

NiXON: I never thought i could be anywhere near a titlechance within ages and then i accomplished it in such a short time

NiXON: I thought to myself enjoy it as long as you can. There is no way you can keep it as long as you want

NiXON: And to be honest i think without the "help" of El Hormiga all this maybe would never have happened

NiXON: Demo took the title fair and square and he deserves it

NiXON: And now it´s my turn to fight me back to the No.1 contender spot

Diana London: well said NiXON 

Diana London: Last season Horadus was recruted for XXEW and bonded instantly with Demo in this little four way drama thing with you and El Hormiga

Diana London: He even beat you clean in one of his first matches around here. what do you say about that?

NiXON: Regarding our history all back down the road we allready wrestled each other alot. and most of the time he won

NiXON: So i´m not too frustrated at all. I see it as competition. I need competition. 

NiXON: After beating almost the rest of the roster i need someone to sink my teeth into

NiXON: And it looks like he´s just the right guy to do so at the moment

Diana London: As you are speaking of seeing something. Rumours are going around Horadus seems to like seeing you pretty much

NiXON: Oh my Diana. Stop that. Yeah i know what you´re talking about. Every time i see him backstage he´s got that dreamy far-away look in his eyes

NiXON: I will never understand men. One second they beat the crap out of you in the middle of the ring

NiXON: And the other they´re throwing mooneyes at you. Explain that to me

*Diana cracks up and burst out in laughter before focussing back on the interview*

Diana London: ok...ok..i´m back here

Diana London: So do you think that could influence your upcoming match in any way?

NiXON: I hope not. As i said earlier i want some competition and not a guy staring at my ass the whole match

NiXON: And remember how he handled me in the first place

NiXON: I think this is gonna be a very interesting match. We are pretty even matched wrestlers.

NiXON: Maybe the advantage is even on his page

NiXON: But regarding the fact that this is a ladder match and i am quick and agile

NiXON: could play into my game and maybe i#m going to prevail this time

Diana London: sounds good to me. Be sure we are all eager about your bout tonight

Diana London: Good luck to you NiXON

NiXON: Thanks Diana. And thanks for having me
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Diana interviewing NiXON on the recent events
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