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PostSubject: big papi "WHAT"   big papi "WHAT" EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 10:26 pm

Robbie walks into the lockerroom and sees Big Papi sitting in his chair.

Robbie walks over to him.

Robbie: Hello Big Papi congrats on keeping your winning streak alive.

Big Papi looks up at Robbie.

Big Papi: Thanks Robbie it wasn't much of a win.

Robbie: What do you mean by that ?

Big Papi gets up out of his chair.

Big Papi: Well you see I ways doing fine in the match.
Big Papi: I was kicking butt and taking names.
Big Papi: Until someone decided they wanted to get involved.

Robbie: Yeah we all say that.
Robbie: But he did hit you boyh not just one of yeahs.

Big papi shakes his head in disguss.

Big Papi: Yeah but what was he doing down there in the first place?
Big Papi: Trying to show off?
Big Papi: Trying to look like the bigger man?
Big Papi: Trying to impress someone?

Robbie: I don't know the answer to that Big Papi.
Robbie: Maybe it made him feel good to not just pick on one guy.

Big Papi laughs out loud.

Big Papi: Well if he was trying to showoff it didn't pay off.

Robbie: Yeah that was a nice sneak attack with the trash can.

Big Papi slaps Robbie on the shoulder.

Big Papi: Yeah I got a kick out of that after I got home and watched it.
Big Papi: After that one he didn't look like the bigger man out there.
Big Papi: So he must of been out there to impress someone?

Robbie: Maybe so but who?

Big Papi: I don't know Robbie.
Big Papi: The only imressing he needs to do is on his own.
Big Papi: Against his own opponent.
Big Papi: And winning his matches.
Big Papi: Then he will start impressing someone out there.

Robbie: Well he won't be tonight......

Big Papi: What do you mean he has a match tonight doesn't he?

Robbie: Yes he has a match tonight.
Robbie: Just not a singles match.
Robbie: You haven't seen the match list for tonight?

Big Papi: No I didn't even look.

Robbie: Well your going to be surprised.

Big Papi: Oh yeah whys that?

Robbie: Because you will get to face him.

Big Papi: Oh yeah hows that?

Robbie: Because you and The Knot are going to be in a tag team match.

Big Papi: WHAT Hows that!!!!

Robbie: The Knot and Tomi89 are teaming together to face you............

Big Papi: What I'm in a tag team match.
Big Papi: This can't be right.......

Robbie: Yes it is and its going to happen tonight.

Big Papi: Ok whos my partner going to be?

Robbie: Your partner is..........

All of a sudden The Awesome Nutcase walks into the lockerroom.

Robbie: What a coincidence....

Big Papi: What..

Robbie: Your partner just walked in.

Big Papi: The Awesome Nutcase really.

Big Papi with a surprised look on his face storms off out of the lockerroom.
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big papi "WHAT"
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