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 big papi gets a surprise visitor ...

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El Hormiga Loco
El Hormiga Loco

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big papi gets a surprise visitor ... Empty
PostSubject: big papi gets a surprise visitor ...   big papi gets a surprise visitor ... EmptyMon Jun 24, 2013 8:25 am

*The camera shows big papi pumping iron in the gym*
*papi looks into the mirror and stretches his tricep*
*papi kneels to grab the dumbells up again and gets back up...*
*... but gets shocked when seeing Mister Matrix behind him in the mirror*

papi: YOU!!! What do you want!!

*papi braces himself and is ready to use one of the dumbells as a weapon*

matrix: Well look at you ... all revved up ... ready to smash a skull with that dumbell.
matrix: I like what i see ...

papi: Yeah? So? You better not mess with me you skullmasked freak!! I saw what you did last week to El Hormiga Loco ... that was sick!!
papi: They should toss you in jail!!

matrix: Jail? HAAAAA!!! Been there ... done that ... But quit the chit chat, will ya ...
matrix: I've been following you ... call it ... exploring you ...

papi: That sounds wrong in so many ways ...

matrix: It does, doesn't it ... I like your style papi ... I saw how you managed to win that title match last week ... without even breaking a sweat...
matrix: I saw you ... pushing Robbie around earlier ... Not hesitating to hurt him (okay ... this has to happen somewhere earlier in the show)
matrix: You might not want to admit it ... but there is a darker force inside of you ... lurking ... yearning for the moment to come out ...

papi: Where are you going with this "awquard talk" ...

matrix: Okay ... straight to business ... I respect that!
matrix: papi ... we want you ... to join ... US ... Our team.
matrix: Together we can take over XXEW ... you could be the X-Treme Champion for like ... FOREVER!!!
matrix: Join us papi ... and become part of the greatest force in wrestling ...EVER!!!

----just a lead in ---- feel free to change up some stuff ---- english isn't my native language at all ---- maybe you can correct stuff ---- or i used wrong words -----you do what you like------
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big papi

big papi

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big papi gets a surprise visitor ... Empty
PostSubject: Re: big papi gets a surprise visitor ...   big papi gets a surprise visitor ... EmptyWed Jun 26, 2013 11:47 pm

i can't edit it but looks good just needs alittle touch up from my other roleplays
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big papi gets a surprise visitor ...
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