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 robbie sees something out of the ordinary

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big papi

big papi

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robbie sees something out of the ordinary Empty
PostSubject: robbie sees something out of the ordinary   robbie sees something out of the ordinary EmptyMon Jun 24, 2013 10:32 pm

Robbie and the camera man was standing outside waiting to interview someone anyone. When Robbie hears Big Papi pulling up on his motorcycle.

Robbie: Oh yeah theres a victom. Wait till he gets to the door.

Big papi parks his motorcycle.

Robbie: Oh forget it lets walk up there and talk to him.

Robbie takes a step and then notices from the other side of the parking lot the Matrix Dreamslasher and Abanddon was walking towards Big Papi. Robbie holds the cameraman back.

Robbie: Wait... This might get ugly. Get back but keep the camera rolling.

Big Papi shuts his bike down and looks up and notices he is surrounded by them.

Robbie: Oh man this is not good for Big Papi. This is no good. We can't hear them but keep the camera rolling.

Big Papi gets off his bike and they circle him. Big Papi acts like there not even there and unties his bag.

Robbie: What is up with this?

Big Papi starts walking away and then the Matrix puts his arm around Big Papi's shoulder. Big Papi stops and throws Matrix arm off of him. The guys get up closer to Big Papi like they are going to stomp the crap out of Big Papi.

Robbie: Oh yeah now the action is going to start.

The Matrix slaps his buddy's and motions them away. The Matrix starts talking and pointing to Big Papi but Papi walks away. Matrix motions his buddies and they walk the other direction.

Robbie: Oh man lets get inside. I'll interview him in there.
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robbie sees something out of the ordinary
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