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 After the parking lot

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big papi

big papi

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After the parking lot Empty
PostSubject: After the parking lot   After the parking lot EmptyMon Jun 24, 2013 10:44 pm

Big Papi walks through the door and there stands Robbie.

Robbie: Hello Big Papi do you have time to answer a few questions?

Big Papi: Not really. I'm alittle busy at the moment.

Robbie: Yeah I bet. With what? Something going on?

Big Papi: Yeah I'm suppose to be in a match tonight.

Big Papi starts walking away.

Robbie: Thats all. Nothing.......

Big Papi stops and turns around and walks up to Robbie and throws him up against the wall like a ragdoll. Robbie's eyes looks like they are going to pop out of his sockets.

Big Papi: Whats your problem Robbie?
Big Papi: I seen you out there in the parking lot hiding like a punk.
Big Papi: If them guys did anything would you have come helped me or run like a punk?
Big Papi: You don't have to answer I already know it.....

Big Papi lets go of Robbie and turns around and walks away.
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After the parking lot
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