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 bad news for xxew

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big papi

big papi

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PostSubject: bad news for xxew   bad news for xxew EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 10:19 pm

Big Papi was walking down the hallway. When all of a sudden he is greeted by Matrix.

Matrix: Hello Papi how are you?

Big Papi: I'm doing fine I guess.
Big Papi: I'm beginning to wonder why everywhere I go you are there lurking.
Big Papi: Are you following me around or what?

Matrix starts laughing.

Matrix: No No No I wouldn't do that Papi.
Matrix: I am not a stalker.

The Matrix laughs awkwardly.

Big Papi: Ok Matrix it seems like it though.

Matrix: So Papi have you thought about what we talked about last week?

Big Papi: Yes I have put thought into it.
Big Papi: But.....

The Matrix interupts Big Papi.

Matrix: BUT BUT....
Matrix: There shouldn't be not buts about it.
Matrix: We are going to be the hottest thing going and you should join.

Big Papi: Well I was getting there but you........

The Matrix interupts Big Papi again. Big Papi looks like he is getting frustrated.

Matrix: Yes so you are going to join us.
Matrix: That is good news for me.

Big Papi: Will you quit interupting me.

Matrix: Sorry just so excited.
Matrix: I just have big plans in store.

i will finish later
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PostSubject: Re: bad news for xxew   bad news for xxew EmptyThu Jul 11, 2013 3:11 am

Wether or not you want to use this Papi, up to you..

The Masked Gecko comes walking down the hallway from behind Big Papi. The Gecko gently brushes by Big Papi but leans a hard shoulder into Mr.Matrix's shoulder.

MG- Opps, Sorry,Papi... and Mr. Muckup, watch where yer going!

MG- All because ya wanna be something yer not,doesn't give ya the right ta hog up the whole hallway.

The Gecko contiunes on down the hallway a few paces,stops turns around.

MG- Hey, Lookin good out there Papi! But remember to keep that belt nice and shiny! Da Knot is coming for ya, so , umm clean that belt up one last time so it looks really really nice around his waist, will ya?

The Gecko turns and continues walking down the hallway.
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bad news for xxew
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