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 Bomba Luce meets up with Jimmy

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Bomba Luce meets up with Jimmy Empty
PostSubject: Bomba Luce meets up with Jimmy   Bomba Luce meets up with Jimmy EmptySun Aug 04, 2013 10:45 pm

*BOMBA LUCE is shown, arriving in the lockerroom, with his sportsbag still on shoulder*
*He puts his bag in its place, ducks and unties his left shoe*
*As he gets up again, he sees the reflection of another superstar behind him in the mirror*
*BOMBA turns around...*

Jimmy: So ... it looks like we are up tonight ... against each other. Looking forward to that.
Bomba: You are? Strange. Normally nobody is.
Jimmy: You know, i followed your matches against Porigon30 last season ... and wow, i was impressed!
Jimmy: I even dare to say that it should be you that ended up to be the champion ... and not Porigon!
Bomba: Djee ... thanks I guess ... But that's not buying me anything.
Jimmy: I'm a veteran around here ... and i've seen a lot of comers ... and also a lotta go-ers ... But you ... man you are a stayer!!
Bomba: I have to admit I've always been kind of a fan or yours too ... remembering your encounters with The King of Gangsters ... Falahid ... those were the days ...
Jimmy: Yeah they were ... but don't look back ... it's forward you gotta look!!!
Bomba: I am ... and i hope you won't be too disappointed when I kick your veterans butt into oblivion tonight.
Jimmy: Haha ... probably.
Bomba: You are soooo gonna tap out ...
Jimmy: Yeah ... about that ... I just ran into Matrix ...
Jimmy: And he told me he was changing the submission match ... into a first blood match.
Bomba: He did? Ah, that's a bummer ... Then again, who cares. I hope you brought bandaids ...
Jimmy: You're so funny ... But gotta go get ready ... Good luck tonight. See ya.
Bomba: Yep ... in ring.

*Jimmy The Animal leaves the lockerroom, as the camera fades out*

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Bomba Luce meets up with Jimmy
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