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 No way back ...

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No way back ... Empty
PostSubject: No way back ...   No way back ... EmptyMon Aug 05, 2013 7:33 am

*The arrival of big papi is caught on camera, as he enters the arena, looking a bit dreamy*
*Not really looking where he goes, he bumps into a big guy...*
*Without even raising his head, he avoids the big guy and goes further*
*All of a sudden he's held back, as somebody grabs him by the collar*

papi: What the ...
Abaddon: You should watch where you going ...
papi: Ah, leave me alone ... you and your freaky sister!!
Abaddon: Sister?
papi: Yeah ... that crazy broad who cost me my rematch on the pay per view ...
Abaddon: Miss B. Have!!! She's not my sister!!!
papi: Whatever ... I'm outta here.
Abaddon: Not so fast ...

*Abaddon grabs big papi from behind and smashes him against the wall*

Matrix: STOP!!! ABADDON!!! LEAVE!!!
Abaddon: But he ...

*Abaddon leaves the scene like a good boy*

Matrix: Don't mind him papi ... he's just rude.
papi: I rather have somebody who's rude, than somebody who doublecrosses me.
Matrix: Now that's not fair ... You can not blame me about what happened last pay per view!!
papi: Miss B. Have is one of your friends right ... so ...
Matrix: Let me make it up to you ... tonight.
papi: Right ... this should be good ...
Matrix: I'll give you a match tonight ... against The Knot!!
papi: A titlematch?
Matrix: You know I can't do that ... you have to deserve it first ...
papi: Ah, a catch ... I knew it! Thanks but no thanks ...
Matrix: I don't care about if you like it or not ... You will be facing the Knot ... And IF YOU WIN ...
Matrix: I say IF YOU WIN ... you'll get your title re-match next week ...
papi: You for real? Okay ... I accept.
Matrix: Great ... And don't worry ... We'll do EVERYTHING we can to make you win that match!!
papi: No you won't ... I won't let you.
papi: Even more ... I don't want anything to do with you ... those masked freaks ... nor that crazy clown!! Capiche?
Matrix: Don't be a fool papi ...
papi: I'm not ... I was a fool ... to trust you!!! And now I'm gonna get ready so ... get bent.

*big papi leaves the scene and walks towards the gym*
*Mr. Matrix sighs, looks away for a few seconds, and then looks back at the leaving papi*

Matrix: Nobody tells me to get bent ... NOBODY!!!

*The camera fades to black*
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No way back ...
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