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 Taking Diana hostage

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El Primero

El Primero

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Taking Diana hostage Empty
PostSubject: Taking Diana hostage   Taking Diana hostage EmptySat Mar 09, 2013 2:29 pm

*The scene begins at the arena parking lot where Diana is exiting her car. Suddenly, a dark figure approaches her and knocks her out with a lead pipe. Diana lays on the floor unconscious. The figure takes off a mask to reveal El Primero's mask under it.*

El Primero: Big Papi got lucky last week. He's going to give me my match at the PPV. If he doesn't, well then he can say goodbye to his little darling, Diana.

*El Primero picks up Diana's body over his shoulder and puts her in a car. He drives away into the distance, taking Diana to an unknown location.*

-Ya, I know its a super short RP, don't judge.
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Taking Diana hostage
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