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 Gecko rp i guess

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PostSubject: Gecko rp i guess   Gecko rp i guess EmptyThu Sep 05, 2013 2:43 am

The Masked Gecko storms into the GM's Office..

MG- OK, I dont want to know what ya have been filling Brets head with, but hes been telling me to get him a shot at the WAG title..

MG- Seeing how I was lining him up for a shot at it before Cena7 joined the GMC, well.......

The Gecko sighs...

MG-I know how much ya are gonna enjoy this, but my clients needs come before the group, sooo

Matrix leans in anxiously on his desk to hear the request.

MG- I need a match made for the Wing and Glory Championship between Cena7 and Bret the Best

Matrix smiles.

MG- Ohh dont be all smiles yet ,bub...

The Masked Gecko leans in on the desk staring Mr. Matrix in the face.

MG- I want you in a match!

MG- or whomever ya want to throw my way, Downtown Abby, Frankenweenie, it doesnt matter!

MG- If I win, you step down and never , EVER , interfer with the GMC clients agian.....

MG- If I lose.......... welll..........

YA can add or what ya want to do with it loco, figured I would start it out..
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Gecko rp i guess Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gecko rp i guess   Gecko rp i guess EmptyThu Sep 05, 2013 12:09 pm

Well i say bring him on. It doesn't matter to me who I face. If he wants a shot then go head and give him a shot so I can take him down as well.

plus this is what everybody wants so why not give the people what they want plus so i can put another person on my list who went down as well. besides it seems you have bigger things to worry about from the looks of things.

I add my part for the above as well soya can add your part or not.
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El Hormiga Loco
El Hormiga Loco

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Gecko rp i guess Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gecko rp i guess   Gecko rp i guess EmptyFri Sep 06, 2013 10:04 am

Matrix: I'm afraid that ain't enough for me Gecko ...

Matrix: It's a pay per view ... and a match like this ... deserves a higher risk ...

Matrix: Therefor ... First of all ... You are gonna be facing the man who slashes everybody's dreams ... DREAMSLASHER!!!

Matrix: And second ... let's add an extra stipulation to this. If you win the match ... I will come to the ring ... as you will get the right to remove my mask ...

Gecko: I don't know if I really wanna see what's under there ...

Matrix: Yeah, you can laugh all you want ... but I'll add a stipulation for you too.

Matrix: If you lose the match against dreamslasher ... You'll never set one foot in a XXEW ring AGAIN as long as I'm in charge!!! EVER!!!
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Gecko rp i guess Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gecko rp i guess   Gecko rp i guess Empty

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Gecko rp i guess
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