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 Gecko in his office

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Gecko in his office Empty
PostSubject: Gecko in his office   Gecko in his office EmptyWed Jul 10, 2013 2:33 am

The Masked Gecko is in his office,sitting behind his desk, shuffling through folders and papers. He has a stack of folders in front of him as he takes the first folder from the pile,opens it up and looks through it.

MG- Allright! NEXT!!

The camera angle is now showing from the side showing that the Masked gecko is talking to someone seated in front of him but the subject is out of camera view. The Gecko with the open folder in hand, starts examining it.

MG- Well, it looks to me  you have been in the "entertainment" Business for a long time.

Voice- You ain't whistling Dixie,Doc.

MG- And you seem to be in pretty good shape, considering yer age.

Voice- Yup.

MG- Speed, elusivness, wit, charm... Heck ,ya even ave a lucky rabbits foot with ya, But hmm, Can I use you as a Client?

A few momnents pass as the Gecko ponders a decision.

Voice- Soo, Whats up Doc?

MG- I'm sorry bub, I cant use ya here. Thanks for your time though...

You can hear the figure rising out of the chair. The camera pans over to reveal who was in the chair.
BUGS BUNNY  is seen standing in front of the desk, as Bugs turns and leaves the office.


Another figure comes thruoght the doorway and sits in the chair. The Gecko opens another folder,looks through it and sets it off to the side.

Voice- Yo, VIP, Lets Kick It.

MG- Whoa,whoa whoa, bro, lets ee here,first. What do we have..Hmm, an entertainer.. Good on the mic..

Voice-To the extreme I rock the mic like a vandal,light up the stage,wax a chump like a candle.

MG- Ahh fighting spirit too, I like that. Buuutttt,
Voice- If there's a problem, Yo, I'll solve it,
MG- Slow down.. Slow down. No problem bro, but, ya know..
Slight pause...
MG- I may be able to guide careers down the right path, but bro, yer career is done over with.. Gone.. Dead.. I am not a miricle worker, bub. I can't ressurect yer career.. Sorry.

VANILLA ICE then rises up out of the chair and heads for the door.


Another figure just out of camera range comes in and you can hear him taking a seat in the chair.Gecko Picks up another folder and looks at it.

MG- So what do you think ya can offer the GMC?

Voice-You want great TV? I'm gonna give you a friggin train wreck!
MG- So can you watch other peoples backs, give a good promo, take some direction in...
Voice-Let me explain something to you. I AM a lot of things. I am everything that I say I am. But the one thing that I definitely am not, is a good guy. So if you feel like playin' the Game, then jack I'm standing right here.
MG- Ummm, ok then. Well, that being said, I really dont see a place for you here at the GMC, let alone in the XXEW. Have yourself a good day Bub.

With a snort of defiance, TRIPLE H, The GAME, gets up out of the chiar and storms out of the Geckos office
MG- Geez, wasnt he full of himself.. Now heres a guy I can use.
The Gecko picks up the next folder, Stands up and walks towards the door.
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Gecko in his office
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